Nebraska Data Conference 2012

It's More Than Numbers

It is widely publicized that we are in the midst of a data explosion, and education data is a part of it. No longer is the primary concern with data simply collection and quality. Now more than ever, we are looking for appropriate uses for the data and deriving meaning from the story the data is telling us.

In the past, the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) Data Conference primarily focused its attention on providing the data stewards of Nebraska schools with the necessary tools and information to submit the highest quality data. This year we have broadened that focus to include data users and policy makers. We want the whole of our education community to collaborate and build a conference that presents rich learning opportunities. Also new this year will be opportunities for multiple formats of presentations; from lectures to mini-courses.

“We must be more vigilant and more effective in promoting the use of data to improve education!”


        Sameano F. Porchea, Ph. D.

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Session Topics and Schedule:
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Dates & Location:

April 2-3, 2012
Younes Conference Center
416 Talmadge Road
Kearney, NE

Perspective Changes Understanding

Data Steward - Get the data in
Data Team - Get it right
Data Users - Use it wisely
Data Stakeholders - Inform and Educate
Perspective Changes Understanding
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